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Welcome to Monsignor Fee Otterson School

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Welcome to The 2013-2014 School Year

The staff of Monsignor Fee Otterson Elementary/Junior High School welcomes you back to anotherbright new year where our hopes, dreams and imagination continue to soar.
This year we have chosen for our touchstone book "The World is Waiting fo You" written by Barbara Kerley. The book published by National Geographic challenges us to never lose our sense of wonder, to never stop asking questions and to always keep looking for answers. We design our progams and create learning experiences for our students that have a purpose. Achieving their personal academic best will always be at the center of our commitment to our students.

This book has personally reminded me of how much I appreciate what we have createdd together here, at Monsignor Fee Otterson. This is a school where students come first and I continue to be amazed by all the wonders I have seen here.
We have teachers who are professionally commited to students and their learning and parents who work together to keep visioning a school that makes a difference. Most of all it is our students who inspire us each and every day. For all these things I am truly grateful.


Marie Whelan

Tom Rees
Lily Kucy


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